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  Road to the White House  CSPAN  August 11, 2013 9:55pm-10:24pm EDT

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>> thank you, that's really nice. thank you. well, it is my honor and bob has become a friend of mine over the years and there are a lot of things that people don't know about me. maybe we should start by putting up that confirmation picture. can we have it? it's around here some place. put that up. do you believe this? do you see it? isn't he cute? ot really. that was my confirmation. first presbyterian church in queens, new york. a great group of people. i still remember it. i am a little older.
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hat is my real hair. [laughter] it is an honor to be here. i've always loved iowa. the people of iowa are hard-working people. omething we have to see more of in this country when you look at what is going on the united states. what is going on in the country we love, we need people to work and we need leadership that is smart. [applause] interestingly, we are a free trade country. it is not really free trade if you look what is going on in the manipulation of other currencies especially china. free trade is ok if you have really smart leadership. when your leadership is not up to par,when it is not smart, sometimes your leadership is incompetent, free trade is really had for us.
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we are in the wrong end. when i look at what is going on with this country, when i look at $17 trillion, the word you id not hear 10 years ago, it did not exist. that is all you hear. 17 trillion in debt. ou look at deficits that are record-setting. they are not going to get better. the market is false. about two years ago, i said i was going to invest in the stock market. the market had to go up because f the federal reserve. i said the market has to go up. it giving you free money.
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that is a false economy. i better not speak too much about it. it is a false economy. it is not real. when you look at unemployment and it is 7.4%, 7.4%, it is probably anywhere from 15%-17%. it is incredible. [applause] the other day, the numbers came out. they were not good. lots of bad things were happening. the only good thing that happened was 7.5% to 7.4%. ow come it keeps going down? people stopped looking for work. they do not count them. how phony can anything get? it is not real and it is not right. we are kidding ourselves. our country is in serious trouble. we have problems like we have not had it before. and we have jobs that are just
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isappearing. the republican party is in serious trouble. because we have elections coming up we have to win and efeat obamacare. whether people like or do not like, it is killing the business and is going to destroy the base of the country. when i see all of the different senators, many others who are so strongly opposed to obamacare. you have to give them credit for what they are trying to o. they know where we are going. it is not a good place.
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our country is in trouble, but our country has tremendous potential with the right leadership. tremendous potential. we have so many different issues that have to be solved. i was listening to bob and a couple of your speakers. it is true, you need border security. you have to have it. people come in and they're -- they stay and they stay for whatever they want. by the way. legally, they in get green cards they get everything. and they go., they but people come in illegally. or youher have a country don't. and having a country starts with your -- just cannot continue
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[ applause ] you can just cannot continue now. what we're doing now when it comes to the ration, you have to do right thing. you have to in your own heart lives, ealing with you're dealing with human beings, you have to do the right thing thing. but it's got to be done smart methodical. let's say i hear the number, knows what the number is. 11 million illegals. higher than uch tha
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that. they're not voting republican. and whether senator rubio is fight, the immigration fight, or not it's irrelevant. voting going to be democratic. that's the way it is. taken democrats have hold of the issue. they love the issue. right but be very careful because it could be a the party.for talking about 11 million people to get re not going those votes, you're not going to get them easily. careful,to be a little it's very, very important to the republican party. it's an important issue. properly.o do it that's immigration. lmost so many different levels of fairness and unfairness. ut it has to be handled
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properly. and you have to start with the border. going? here the republicans seem to want to do something i know they on strongly and very strongly and they're going to do then all of a sudden it by developing a really powerful engine, really power fful but it comes to the engine, the economy, if we can rev up this economy like it should be, not
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false numbers like 7.4% unemployment. but with real numbers and we could take back jobs from china to say you ear not going manipulate your currency any longer. t's very, very hard to buy product from our country -- i'm a victim of it also, because hey manipulate better than anybody has ever manipulated a currency before ever. better, it's better made. i know much about chinese product and i know about over the rom all world. i'm building all over the world. i just got the old post office avenue.ylvania can you believe this? you have the white house, you have congress. i'm building right in the middle. hotel. can you believe this? sort of interesting. going to be one of the great hotels. a lot of people are going to be working there, it will put a lot of people to work. going to take care of families through ducation, health care.
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but i'm proud of it. dural, 800 acres in the middle of miami. people who oorly by have no idea what they're doing. very much like our nation, by the way. years, it will be the hot epps resort in the country. does everybody agree with that? so?hink right? it will. it's been my record so, you know. it's not so different from this country. when was the last time as an a major bridge being built in the united states? you don't see it anymore. they're building 47 assive bridges like the verrazano, like the golden gate. that's peanuts now. bridges now. building bridges, airport, other countries, not just china. i speak of china, i have to tell you, in "business week" things it chinese want. one of the ten things was anything trump. wanted anything trump. isn't that crazy.
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i knock the hell out of them. for it.pect you i have friends in china. they can't believe what they get away with it. 45i respect their leadership for it. then the president of china an s over and we give 4i78 incredible dinner. a state dinner in washington. i buy them a mcdonalds. when they say they want anything trump, they know how i talk and what i say. but they respect it, they respect it. country is really -- we're losing jobs by the millions. have jobs. we don't manufacture like we did. and if you look at china, if you look at what they do with boeing, with caterpillar, secrets, ey take the they take the patents, they make there.ld plants over they don't want caterpillar tractors built in bee your yeah
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the united states. they want it built over there. why are we doing this? this?e we doing it's no great secret. and if they're going to manipulate their currency and badly, and this is, whyn, other countries also, are we not taxing them so that more product becomes expensive. what will happen is it will go into effect they will top manipulation so fast your head will spin. they don't believe our leader, leader, and they don't think our leaders are very smart. it's a problem. it's a problem. [ applause ] time north korea as an up.mple acts up, they act you know, a little wacky. okay, we've got
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missiles. korea calls hey, we need protection. south korea.s in they don't believe they get free protection. we get our battleships and carriers. we get our planes. every time you turn on an engine an aircraft carrier it takes million dollars. of television s settles for a job i'm building. korea. made in they don't make them here. television sets in some part of the country. they don't make them here. you go to japan, you go to south korea. protect south korea. let them pay us for it. what are we doing? what are we doing?
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[ applause ] and you know it's amazing i hear so many people -- conservative politicians, i'm conservatives, liberals, i do a lot of business. meet everybody. but i literally hear these can you ying, hey, how say a thing like that. that's so nasty, you know? says. what the mafia the mafia gets money for protection. what.ght, so they tell me, but that's the mafia says that. i'm trying to , be nice, respectful. give me a break. they don't believe they get away with it. spend hundreds of millions, billions of dollars protecting other countries. we get nothing. only don't we get, they don't respect us, they don't like us. at us, they take advantage of us.
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we get nothing. south korea making a fortune. you can't make a ship built south korea -- in terms of the big tankers and freight ships. it. can't do they have a huge thing and we protect them at tremendous cost and we get nothing, nothing. look at a place like mexico. mexico in the next couple of years is going to be our -- we're going to be importing half of the things we get from mexico. all started a number of years ago. we all remember it. iowa, some places in frankly, i watch 60 minutes, also, places in iowa where the whole factory moved to mexico. what? they get tax subsidies for us? they get tax subsidies in brazil. you get an airplane made in brazil you get a subsidy from the united states. way.upposed to be that so there's such a lack of intelligence. know, i'd almost say it's dishonesty, because these
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countries have the right lobbyists or pure stupidity. probably a combination of both. it is. it's amazing. things i look at so strongly, you look at places like north dakota where they're going wild and you look at what we found -- you know, has really shown that we are rich again. it. we can't get because of the environmentalists which, frankly, i do well with environmentalists, i build all over. awards -- i know you're shocked to hear this. it's sometimes not easy to get the projects going. i do. but we can't drill, we can't can't do many things to out this incredible wealth of the ground, wealth to make us
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rich, wealth that will make care security, medicare, medicaid. when i was looking to run last time. was only thinking about it really once. but i was looking at it pollusly and getting great numbers. i don't know if they liked me or not but they liked what i said. i said is what i'm saying now. nothing changes. me.le agree with nothing ever change p changes. robably worse now than it's ever been. when i was thinking about really felt, and i was so honored. about doing it, talking it, i love the country. like a slogan, make america great again. i had to add the word "again. in 2016, china is the great economic power in the world. and this was unthinkable ten ago.s if you said that, people would
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laugh at you. happens mething drastically, they become the economic power of the world they us in 2016. whoever is prn, you don't want that to happen. be a very, very sad day to me and i think to a lot of when that happens. interesting ry because i like mitt it romney personally. i think he's a very good guy. the hell ow what happened with his campaign. i just don't get it. an election that couldn't have been lost. it couldn't have been lost. and with me building all over shows and "the i'm doing so many things. have great children, ivanka and don and eric. they're good kids.
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it's hard. not like a politician, you say i want to run for office. ven if they lose, they gain, they gain recognition. with me, it's tough. mitt it romney. said i'd ked me and like for you to do campaigns in north states like in carolina and michigan and different places. during the primary. robo calls. i made great robo calls. they were vicious, they were brutal. they gave me the most pathetic thing to say. you're listening, would you please back mitt it romney. fellow.wonderful i said if i say that, so i really hit them hard with how is, how bad everything else is. they were great. they did very well. every single state they asked me to go to or do
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some phone calls or do some television, he won in the primaries. the hen it came to election, the general election, felt i was a little controversial. i really do. didn't mind, you know, to honest, i love florida. i didn't need to go to television to talk about mitt it romney. if i'm going to talk about somebody, i want to talk about you.lf, i'll be honest with hard for me, but it's true. hard for me to build up somebody else. the but he was a good man. but something happened. something happened. debate, thing, the first it was looking good. the second was a total collapse. dis hird was a total saturd -- disaster.
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mistake. was a we didn't send anyone in to get the bad people. we know who they are and we send anybody in. how pathetic is that? kill our ambassador who by he way was proudly riding in the open jeep the week before, like the wind" the rebels are taking over. and he's proudly going through everybody. waving to hen what they did to him was unbelievable. the killing was terrible but in killing d to him him was beyond. and, of course, the other gentleman. have retribution. why aren't we getting them? who they and in a certain way, that is just something that is unacceptable. ran, something appened -- the subject we all
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remember of benghazi was brought up. mitt said the president was handling benghazi well. bad things ot of happened in that campaign. spent $400 million on ads. didn't win the election. by the way, they were the worst i've ever seen. i know something about ads. some of the ads. even the republican party, speaking, the ads were bad. in about obama speaking germany. he said we don't want a rock president. he was speaking in front
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so $4 hillary in good health, i know her well and her husband very well. she's probably going to be the nominee if you look at polls and everything, it will be in my a tougher race than the last race, really tougher. and somebody is going to have to who's really smart and really tough. been e obama should have beaten. hillary is going to be tougher beat. and the republicans have to do what's right. don't pick the right person. and i mean the right person. perfect. be the perfect person, drummed ining to get the 2016 election. that's not going to be a good thing. country has to be brought back from the edge. this country has to be brought edge.from the it's ready to go over. it can be saved, but there's a
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to be t which it's going too late. so the republicans have to get tough. and very smart. it fast.have to do you have important elections in '14.p unbelievably important presidential election coming up. long while, a long time from now. we had the opportunity and unfortunately, things didn't work out. have a country that has to be brought back through great leadership. and if we don't pick the right to have e're not going great leadership and this count in deep going to be and perhaps permanent trouble. you it's an, i tell here i loved flying in and looking at that the activity under
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airplane. i see people going to town in hat beautiful farms and acreage. i don't see that so much in new york. it's a little different view. who live in riends iowa, great people, hardworking people, amazing people. been an honor to be with you tonight. thank you all very much. thank you, thank you. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you, bob.